More pieces of the puzzle

It was a welcome surprise to find an email in my inbox from an Alan Fairweather, on Friday evening. Alan had stumbled across Sindur’s website and got in touch. It turns out that he is the son in-law of Sindur’s original owner, Mr Grist. He told me some of Sindur’s history. Mr Grist had had Camper & Nicholson’s sailing yachts, previously, and when the rag and stick stuff became too taxing, he commissioned them to build Sindur iv. His 3 previous yachts had also been named Sindur hence Sindur iv. Apparently there was also a racehorse with the same name.

Alan has kindly sent me a photo of the drawing Mr Grist commissioned of Sindur, which now hangs on his wall.

Alan’s son, Tom, has also been in touch filling in more pieces of the puzzle, and telling a tale of a trip up the Medway and being served Spam for lunch, which he found amusing having just been told the vessel cost more to build than their house! Tom also sent over some pics of a model of Sindur he and his father built. Both Tom and Alan are welcome aboard any time.

On to other matters. Sindur has a good gas cooker aboard, fuelled by an ageing gas installation. I thought it prudent to have the whole set up inspected by an engineer. It transpires that little of the installation will pass muster today, and the gas engineer cannot work on the system without renewing most of it. The gas locker itself is a problem, being inside the wheel house, non-fire retardent and unsealed. The gas pipes run through the engine bay too! So, already having a paranoia about gas on boats, I have decided to remove the cooker and whole gas installation, and replace it with a spirit stove. So, if you know anyone who would like a barely used Plastimo 2500 oven, grill and hob, for £200, please put them in touch.

The gas locker will now be a handy store for the shore power cable and boat will be two gas cylinders lighter.

Mr Grist’s commissioned drawing of Sindur iv

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