7 thoughts on “What an Easter Day!

  1. Looking at your images and videos, together with this unending bar on European travel, has affected my sanity. I’ve been looking on line for a small motor yacht to tide me over (forgive the pun) until I can get out to Cathexis again. It is a completely crazy idea and I won’t do it but on the other hand……


      1. Thanks Chris, that sounds like a lovely idea! I’ll get in touch! Yesterday there was an announcement that some EU counties, including Spain, were planning to open up to tourists again in June, depending on ‘traffic light’ status so the UK should be OK. Now it just needs the UK to put Spain on its green list, and I’m off!


  2. I know! I am quite anxious about what I will find when I get there! I get an occasional vague report and I understand that she is still floating!


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