How will they run?

Tomorrow is the day the engines should be run for the first time since Sindur was delivered to Ipswich Haven Marina, just before the lockdown at the end of March. During this time, Travis and Tom from Diesel Marine, have stripped the heat exchangers, the fuel injectors, and the fuel injection pumps, as well as replacing the filters and all the hoses.

Several £000’s and 8 months later, and the engines are reassembled and ready for bleeding, running and a full oil and filter change.

There was a delay to this, as it was decided to polish the fuel and clean the diesel tanks, so that there was no chance of contaminating the newly overhauled injection kit. This has been done, so tomorrow Tom will prime and start the engines. Sadly I will not be there to see, but look forward to hearing how it all goes. All being well, Sindur may move to Woolverstone next weekend, without a smoke trail!

Published by cruisingonkyra

Skipper of motor yacht Kyra

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