Lockdown again!

I purchased Sindur in March and finalised the deal 2 days before the first lockdown. I sailed her to Ipswich Haven Marina, where she sat, on the visitors pontoon for a number of weeks, until the lockdown was lifted. This delayed works to her, which is why we are now only just back in the water, as of last Wednesday, and the engines not fully reassembled.

Refurbed injection pump.

A visit today revealed that Tom & Travis from Diesel Marine, have fitted the fully refurbished Fuel injection pump for the port engine. The starboard one has been done too.

New hoses and cooler

Other bits are starting to be reassembled and Travis thinks that he will be done by Thursday, lockdown day. If he is not, it is unclear as to whether he will be allowed on site to finish the job. It may be that he finishes but there will be a prohibition on boat movements. If that’s the case, Sindur will stay in Ipswich and her departure for Woolverstone will be delayed until the lockdown is lifted.

Today I refitted the fire extinguishers and removed the life raft for servicing.

I may choose to do without the life raft, opting for a dinghy and outboard instead, which will be far more use on the east coast. I can always drop the life raft back in when crossing the North sea or Channel.

So with Boris’ latest announcement, it may be that we get Sindur sorted but can’t use her….or the finishing works remain undone. Time will tell.

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Skipper of motor yacht Kyra

2 thoughts on “Lockdown again!

  1. Hi Chris, The only consolation for the further delays I can think of is that it is so cold! Not the weather to be enjoying the North Sea! Sunny, dry and in the mid teens centigrade in Sant Carles however… if only!

    Hope you and the family are well and looking forward to a break from Zoom!



    1. Hi Eric
      Good to hear from you. I must admit I’m missing the mild winter of La Rochelle already. I met a guy on Saturday who keeps his Catamaran in Sant Carles. He came to look at Kyra. He made an offer to buy, but we are not as keen to sell as he thought we might be!
      Have you managed to check on Cathexis?
      Now is the time to go, to escape this cold snap.


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