In she goes

The alarm chirped at 5.45 this morning, though my internal clock has beaten it as usual. It was not a struggle to get out of bed. Not only was dawn breaking, but today was launch day – not tomorrow, as I mistakenly told Jon of EVM. I joked with a friend yesterday, about ‘adventures’ and ‘plain sailing’ as he recounted the tale of his fraught journey collecting his new boat, where the wheel nearly came off the trailer, and a seat flipped out of the vessel, on the M25. He wished me luck with my launch. I knew I was prepared, so it should be plain sailing! Well this is boating after all, so it was no real surprise that things didnt go exactly to plan.

In the slings

I arrived at Ipswich at 7.50. Tom from Diesel Marine was beneath Sindur just checking the anode bolts. So far so good. Travis arrived with coffee. The day was going well. I then noticed that the filler was unpainted on the spray rails. Jon of EVM was making those good, but they were not finished! Never mind, they are above the waterline – he will be able to reach them when she is afloat. It transpired I had told Jon the wrong launch day.

The crane arrived and lifted Sindur with ease. We got the ‘shoes’, that protect the spray rails in the right place, and she was balanced in the slings. A quick dab here and there of anti- foul paint, and Sindur trundled through the port.

Bespoke shoes to protect spray rail whilst lifting

She was lowered at the dock so that I could jump aboard, along with Tom, so that we could check all was good, and that there were no leaks from the newly installed shafts, or the seacocks I had serviced. All good…. but then sharp eyed Tom noticed a weeping leak around the port exhaust flange.

Dodgy exhaust flange

Fortunately the crane boys were happy to lift her ashore and hold her in the slings, whilst we stripped out the flange bolts and resealed them.

On her way

30 minutes later and Sindur was back in the water. Her engines are not operational, so we pulled her around to the waiting dock, by hand.

She was sitting well, when I left her, with her shiny hull, gleaming in the morning sun. She looks good out of the water, and even better in it.

Afloat at last

Tom and Travis from Diesel Marine have two or three days of engine reassembly to do. With any luck, by the weekend, Sindur will be mobile.

Tom from Diesel Marine – a big help today.

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2 thoughts on “In she goes

    1. Hi Eric. She is coming on well. Engines should be running next Thursday. All being well, I will run her to Woolverstone next weekend. Should be in London w/c 9th Nov. Will let you know. C.


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