Final push with assistance

We visited Sindur again today, to find that Jon from Estuary Vessel Management had done as promised, and applied some lovely red anti-fouling paint. With the white boot stripe and the polished hull, Sindur is starting to look great.

Looking good…

The launch date of Wednesday is looking feasible. However, there are no shafts and props installed – so quite alot depends on Travis, over the next couple of days. The engines will not be ready, but once launched sindur can be towed to a berth, to await the heat exchanger to come back from repair.

The old man having a blast!

Currently she is also missing both fuel pumps and all the injectors. They are somewhere in Colchester being refurbished.

Today involved jet washing the wheelhouse roof and structure, and the coach roof. Awlwash get the paint looking surprisingly shiny.

After a roast lunch we tackled the portside of the hull and got a coat of polish on her.

So, hopefully Wednesday to get her wet, as long as the shafts are back in, and the props fitted.

Finished for the day. Roll on Wednesday.

Fingers crossed.

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10 thoughts on “Final push with assistance

      1. We are all fine thank you. Really missing Cathexis with no prospect of an early visit, and hoping she will withstand the winter winds without her mooring lines being checked. Also currently trying to work out whether pressure will persuade HMRC extend VAT paid status for UK boats in the EU. At the moment it seems I have just 12 months to decide whether I want her home again.

        Good luck on Wednesday!



    1. I get occasional reports Chris, but hardly anyone from the UK is there. Hopefully the marina staff will report a major problem, but I’m not too confident. And thank you! That is a really kind offer.



  1. No final plan, but I think I’ll probably leave Cathexis in Spain for a while yet. When all this is over you must come out with me. I have yet to sail to the Balearic Islands which have some gorgeous anchorages, so if you have time that could be a plan. E


    1. I’ll need to look up the rules which change so often that I lose track of them! But yes, that would be great. Let me know when you have dates.

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  2. Once again you might get this twice Chris, WordPress and I don’t have a very effective understanding! Anyway, that would be great. Let me know when you are coming down. E


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