Injecting some anticipation!

The launch date is looming, which is exciting, but at the same time adding a certain amount of concern, as each day ticks by. Travis, the trusty engineer, called me today to say that the injection pumps and injectors were in Colchester, being overhauled. It is hoped that this will improve performance and economy, whilst reducing the amount of smoke on starting and whilst the engines warm up.

Injectors off to Colchester for overhaul

He has also ordered all new silicone hoses for each engine, the old ones being just that – old. Old hoses become perished or sometimes hard and brittle, resulting in leaks, usually when you are miles from a safe haven, or when you are trying to manoeuvre in an awkward situation.

Other items ordered include new gaskets for the reassembly of the components stripped from the engines.

Outside, new cutlass bearings have been installed, which was in the nick of time – one of the old ones disintegrated as Travis started to remove it.

So, two weeks to go – the engines in pieces and parts of them in another county! It’s going to be interesting to see if we can get it all together in time. I use the royal ‘we’ – I mean of course Travis.

Whilst he is doing that, I will continue cleaning and oiling teak. I also have some holes to fill in the wheelhouse roof.

Some holes in roof to fill

I used to be very familiar with the rivers of Suffolk and Essex, and their associated harbours and marinas. However, after a few years of cruising elsewhere, I thought I would remind myself of the various destinations on these beautiful rivers, that I had enjoyed in previous years, so I purchased the latest (20th) edition of East Coast Rivers. Turning to the chapter on Southwold, I was delighted to see Sindur features slapbang in the middle of the main photo. Taken in 2016, she is looking in fine fettle. With any luck, she will look that good again in a few weeks time. I had better inject a bit more time and effort!

Sindur in centre of picture in East Coast Rivers

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2 thoughts on “Injecting some anticipation!

  1. Having seen Sindur arrive and leave SYH following a major refit I find it hard to believe she now needs anything more than cosmetic attention.
    One thing I never had the opportunity to substantiate was there lead ballast encapsulated in the aft section for increased stability.
    If therefore she is heavier as a result then from experiance her power to speed ratio could be about right.
    I don’t recall seeing exhaust smoke when on load which would suggest the props are the correct size.
    It would be interesting to establish what if anything is wrong with the pump and injectors when under test. As you may be aware any amount of servicing will not solve a designed in issue from the period. Before dismantling the engines did they achieve their rated full load speed of 2450 rpm, P&S? If not were they both the same and was she running light or heavy?
    Don’t forget the hull is semi displacement/planing and happier at lower 20’s knots..! but this is another subject.
    Good luck.


    1. Thanks for your comments Ian. I think SYH did a great job on Sindur when she was refitted and upgraded. What she needs is indeed mainly cosmetic. She has suffered in recent years and has had a leak in the roof and through the windows.
      I agree with your comments about the engines. She topped out at about 17 kts and 2,200rpm. The smoke on start up and at idle was really bad. After a run up to Ipswich from SYH she still smoked badly. It will be interesting to see how things are with overhauled pumps and injectors, plus new air filters etc. Chris


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