Just a quickie

I nipped to Sindur yesterday to check on progress and squeeze in a few hours of deck teak work. Sadly my departure from the office as delayed, which meant I got there at 4.30pm.

I fiddled about on deck, washed some of it down and worked out how to alter the aft cabin – the bed is hopeless for a claustrophobic 6ft 4in lump!

The propellers were missing, which meant either the light fingered hedge rats, had been around, or Travis from Diesel Marine was on the case. Fortunately it was the latter, confirmed by the engines being dismantled further. Things are perhaps getting back on schedule.

I also removed all the fenders, bundling them into the back of the car so I could remove the faded fender socks when I got home. I was pleased to find almost totally unmarked, blue fenders, beneath the worn sock, so they won’t need replacing.

Engines still stripped
Injectors out
Decent fenders
Hull washdown started

Published by cruisingonkyra

Skipper of motor yacht Kyra

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