Teak cleaning

Bulwark capping in serious need of cleaning.

Having oiled and re-attached the rear guard rail last week, I thought I had better start on the rest of the teak. So today it was the starboard bulwark capping that got the attention.

A boat of two halves!

The cleaner and brightener do a good job. Having said that, the teak had so much dirt ingrained, that it took three goes with the cleaner, before I could apply the brightener.

Once the teak was rinsed and then properly I dry, I used Danish oil.

More of the same next week, so there may not be a blog update – my faithful readers can only cope with so many pictures of teak.

A quick tip – shut the car sunroof and windows when parking below a boat that might be washed with a hose! I shut them – eventually!

Published by cruisingonkyra

Skipper of motor yacht Kyra

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