Sindur gets hand me downs!

20200517_104024With the long overdue arrival of Kyra in Ipswich 10 days ago, Sindur is able to benefit from some of the excess equipment aboard.

Kyra is our beloved Trader 575 who has been gradually over-stocked with gear over the last few years. She is now being prepared for sale, and therefore all the lockers are being cleared. During the clearance we discovered that we had 4 unused First Aid kits aboard, so one of these will transfer to Sindur. We also had spare, unused cruising lines aboard, so Sindur will get some lovely, navy blue ropes.

For those more interested in the social side of the boat, Sindur will also get a range of wine glasses and an ice bucket, plus cutlery and crockery.

There has not been much progress with other works aboard Sindur. The old Ford engines are still being stripped.

I have decided to explore the possibility of converting the twin bunks in the aft cabin, which run fore and aft down each side, into a double berth that runs across the aft end. It looks feasible and I hope that the dressing table can be adapted so that its drawers can still be used. I will be looking for a joiner in the Ipswich area.

I have also decided to take the plunge and clear the wheelhouse roof of the various antennae, clips, lights etc and put them all onto a modern, lower and sleeker radar mast. This will mean the copious amount of holes that have been drilled, can all be filled, reducing the risk of leaks. There is a fair bit of spaghetti wiring, but with careful labelling and routing, the system should be tidied up and all fed into the new mast. This will also make space between the headlinings and the roof, which I aim to insulate, for better comfort in hot and cold climates. 20200614_132315







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Skipper of motor yacht Kyra

2 thoughts on “Sindur gets hand me downs!

  1. Hi Chris, A bit of an experiment to see if I can now post comments here after my earlier failings, and also to let you know that Cathexis will be a willing recipient of ‘hand me downs’ too. She is needing a modestly sized motor cruiser (definitely no longer than 40 foot) if you happen to have one spare.

    Take care



    1. Hi Eric,
      Good to hear from you. I think Cathexis is far too beautiful a boat to want cast offs from a mere motorboat. However, should I stumble across a spare boat you will be the first to know. In the meantime, I think you should come and play on Sindur when she is afloat. If you need a hand with Cathexis at any stage, let me know.


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