Preparation is the key

No visit to Sindur this week as I am preparing to visit Kyra, in Roscoff, and sail her for the first time since January 27th. So, I helped move Sindur along by stripping the varnish from her guard rails. I started this over a month ago, working for 30 minutes t a time, over a few evenings.

With the varnish stripped back it was time to sand and prepare the rails for either re- varnishing or perhaps teak oiling. I bought a detail sander and this has made quick work of stripping the remaining varnish.

In order to re-varnish properly, the rails need sanding with 120 grit, then 240 and finally 320.

The question is to re-varnish or to teak oil? You cannot beat the look of high gloss varnish on a boat, but…..its a bugger to look after. Teak oiling is simple to apply and easy to look after. But will it look as good? A real dilemma. Any one got any thoughts?

Published by cruisingonkyra

Skipper of motor yacht Kyra

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