Who forgot….

20200621_140602…the hedge trimmer. Yes, it was me. So more scrapes and scratches as I battled with the gorse whilst boarding Sindur. An added complication this week was Diesel, my trusty terrier, who fancied (I am certain), a day on the boat.20200621_135518

So having run the prickly gauntlet,  it was time to get down to work. I’m working my way through the list that the surveyor has created, highlighting essential jobs that need to be completed before she is insurable for all risks.

Today’s aim was to tackle the seized seacock for the forward heads outflow. Inspect the flexible gas hoses, and look at the fire extinguishers, which are in need of servicing.

The seacock was below the head floor. Being 6ft 4″ and built like the proverbial brick house, there was not much room for me to work. So to make the job easier I removed the cabin and head doors, so I could lay stretched out and work more easily.

It is the first time I have worked with Blake’s seacocks.YouTube provided excellent guidance, thanks to Suffolk Yacht Harbour,  and sure enough, out popped the cone once it was persuaded with a hammer and bar from outside the boat. As you can see, there was a lot of corrosion – it was no wonder this could not be turned.

I ground the surfaces, cleaned them up and greased the cone. The cock is now reassembled and working well.20200621_131537

This exercise needs repeating on the inlet side too.

The gas hoses seem perfectly sound but are out of date  for safety and insurance purposes, and it seems as though the fire extinguishers have not been inspected for 13 years, so removal and replacement is on the cards for those.

Dirty diesel is the cause of many breakdowns or poor running, as the RNLI will tell you. Whenever I purchase a boat, I either have the fuel polished, the tanks cleaned or give the fuel within, a shock dose of Marine 16 fuel treatment. There is evidence that the tanks on Sindur were cleaned about 4 years ago, and she was full of fuel when I picked her up, so today I gave the tanks the shock treatment. The Marine 16 can start working on any bugs that may be present.

I have had several of you ask what Sindur looks like inside. Those of you that know Kyra, will realise from the following video, how much of a scale down that Sindur is. She is just over half the length of Kyra but offers only about a 1/4 of her volume. I’m afraid Mr Roughley, that there is only one fridge for your beer! Anyway,  enjoy the film…

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