She’s Out. Let the work begin!

You may remember that Sindur was due to be lifted from the water the day the Lockdown started at the end of March. Of course, this did not happen and she spent the next 10 weeks moored at the fuel dock at Ipswich Haven. After 8 dormant weeks, nothing much has happened except that Sindur has collected dust and I have turned 50!

However, the boat yard has started work again, and Sindur was lifted a week ago, and placed in the yard. Time to start work!

I nipped down today to look at the props. The top speed on Rangers is supposed to be 26 knots. Sindur seems to top out at about 18 knots. She is probably a heavier build than the original Rangers, and at the moment, the engines a far from tuned. However whilst she is out I want to check that she is at least sporting the right size props.

Whilst crawling about beneath the hull, I noticed the underwater exhausts protrude slightly below the hull, causing additional drag (see photos). On other vessels I have owned, the exhausts are flush with the hull below the waterline. If anyone has thoughts on this, please do say.

The highly varnished guard rails, that span the stern, are badly weathered, so, before I headed home,  I spent an hour removing them and have brought them home for stripping and revarnishing.20200607_144507

I now need my engineer to Un-Furlough himself, so that work to the engines can begin.

I have made a useful contact in James Gormley, who is rebuilding his father’s Ranger 36, named Saga. James knows the model well and has clearly researched ways to improve upon the original fittings. He has been generous with his time and knowledge, which he is sharing with me. I think his vessel Saga, will be a wonderful craft when complete.

More updates to follow. Please follow this site if you want to see how work progresses.

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Skipper of motor yacht Kyra

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