Smoking Engines need work

I knew we were in for a bit of engine work, particularly after running the engines for the first time. When they fired, the marina was totally obscured behind the clouds of smoke. Visibility was down to about 5 feet, and the smoke hung in the air, for what seemed like an eternity. I was glad that it was a cold March day and that the Corvid 19 had kept many people at home. Having said that, I think the fumes were acrid enough to wipe out any virus.

As the engines had not been run for 6 months, I hoped that a good run would clear out the old oil and diesel and the exhaust would clean up a little. But now I have run the engines three times, and to be fair the smoke is not as bad as that first time, but it is clear that I will not be popular with neighbouring berth holders unless I get some serious work done to eliminate or drastically reduce the smoke on start up. The following video shows the state of the engines are two minutes of running.


Having said that, I watched the boat opposite Sindur, start her engines the other day, and this was the result


So I don’t feel so bad! However, we have to be kind to our neighbours and the environment, so Travis of Diesel Marine will be stripping down the Fords and sorting them out.

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2 thoughts on “Smoking Engines need work

  1. Have you used the engine block heaters which were installed. Eases starting and removes much of smoking.
    Props are correct size unless changed, balance and pitch checked and set.
    Blip on front of wheelhouse roof housed the original Mars radar – but left on at rebuild as part of original character!


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