Works are needed

Sindur was purchased knowing that she would be a project for a few months.

Internally, she is in pretty good shape, but despite the last owner spending a small fortune on having the windows removed and re-sealed, they are still leaking, and this has damaged the woodwork. So, Stevie Pike of Watercraft UK has been engaged to remove the windows and re-bed them. My good friend Keith Dalton will then treat and re-varnish the interior woodwork. Incidentally, on crawling over the boat, I found brand new, unused window covers that had been specifically tailored for the boat. What a shame the owner never used them -these would have saved the interior woodwork from damage. I have now fitted them, to reduce the on-going damage, whilst she sits by the lifting dock at Ipswich Haven. Her loft out has been delayed due to the Covid 19 issue.

Prop de-zinced
De-zinced prop

Whilst that is going on, Travis of Diesel Marine will set to on the mechanical side of things. The engines need a serious service and the stern gear needs real attention too.

It was evident from my first inspection that the starboard prop had de-zincified, suggesting a lack of anode protection. I suspect the p-bracket on this side is also affected and therefore a full shaft removal will be necessary. This will allow the cutlass bearings to be replaced at the same time. If doing the starboard side, you might as well do the port!

So there is a bit to do, but I feel she will be worth the investment. I will keep you informed of the progress.

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