Choosing The Right Boat

I have, according to some, had too many boats over time, and maybe perhaps those that think this, are correct. However, perhaps like girlfriends (or boyfriends -for this is the way of the world today), one has to experiment in order to decide on what it is one really needs or wants from a partner. A good friend and colleague of mine once said ‘you have to do the numbers to know what you want!’ – and I feel he was right. From the tales he tells, he certainly ‘did the numbers’ before eventually settling down with his charming wife, to whom he is well suited, and she to him.

I have had not had that many girlfriends -in fact, in totting up recently, I discovered that I have had more boats than female partners. Both though, have brought fun and merriment to my life, as well as stress and financial pressure – perhaps it is no wonder that boats are referred to as ‘she’.

However, during the ownership of various craft, I have worked out what I really need from a vessel, particularly today. Obviously if money was no object, I would have several craft – a fantasy fleet comprising a sporty rib, a sleek weekender and of course a Nordhavn or a Fleming in order to girdle the earth. This not being an option, I need a craft that is an all-weather boat, that feels like a proper boat, that can be crewed single-handed, but has room for two guests, and does not look like a run of the mill, dated pointy-thing, made of plastic. It must have walk-around decks, an aft cabin, a traditional look and feel, and be under 40ft in length, so I can sneak into small harbours – oh and it must be under £75,000 – quite a lot to ask – but I have found it.

Sindur iv is a rare boat. She is a Ranger 36 – of which quite a few were made. However, Sindur is a one off – being the only one made by Camper & Nicholson – to exacting standards and with a unique layout, for a retiring yachtsman. She was built in 1988. The quality of the work, both internally and externally, is exceptional. She has been cherished in her life, but has been ‘let-go’ in recent years, and she is now ready for a makeover.

I first saw Sindur for sale, in 2007 at Levington, on the River Orwell. She caught my eye all those years ago, but she was priced at a level that was way beyond my abilities to reach (a bit like the girls that used to catch my eye too). I thought nothing more of her though, until last year, when I had an hour to kill when visiting Ipswich. So I sauntered around the marina at Levington, the way any sensible chap might, when he has nothing better to do, and lo and behold, there was Sindur, for sale again, after 13 years.

After long deliberations, man-maths and the passing of several months, a purchase has finally been made, and I have moved Sindur up the Orwell, to Ipswich Haven, ready for the works to begin, to bring her back to her former glory. Coronavirus is probably going to stymie the progress of the works, but over the coming months, I will update you all with the progress that is being made.

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6 thoughts on “Choosing The Right Boat

  1. WordPress doesn’t seem to want me to leave a comment (or have you banned me already!). But let me try again…. So pleased that you have such a lovely boat and we are looking forward to hearing of her adventures.

    Eric & Ravi


  2. Smoking on start up – have you used the engine block heaters.

    Props are correct size.

    Best of luck, will follow blog with interest.

    Know Sindur well, undertook the original major refit.



    1. Hi David, thanks for your comments. I am still learning about her, working my way around. She is out of the water at Ipswich Haven. She needs a few bits doing but she should be afloat by end of September, all being well. I take it you work or worked at Suffolk Yacht Harbour?
      Best wishes,


      1. Chris,
        Good morning. Not quite, we were the owners. Brought Sindur up from the Solent to Levington and commissioned SYH along with others to carry out a major refit inc painting ( original colour was a rather lurid blue ) engines, forward holding tank, navionics, upholstery etc. We were in the process of selling when you first saw her. If you let me have your email or ‘phone I can perhaps answer some questions for you. A laptop is easier to use than this midget key pad.


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